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What do we talk about in therapy?

Starting therapy can feel like a daunting process, especially if it's your first time. It's hard to admit you need help, let alone reach out to a stranger to get it.

As a mental health counselor, part of my job is to help make that part of the process as painless as possible. My style is open, transparent, and authentic, so I want leave you guessing about what to expect. From the moment we start working together, you can rely on my to be up front about what the process will be like, and what's expected from both me and you.

Some people come to therapy and know exactly what brought them there. The session has hardly begun and they already feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, wants, and wishes. Other people may take a longer time to get used to talking to a counselor. We are strangers after all (empathetic, trained, and kind strangers, but strangers nonetheless).

For anyone who falls into the second camp, below are just some of the things can you talk about during a session:

  • your current or past relationships

  • how you feel about your boss

  • your ideas on education

  • what you really wanted to be when you grew up

  • your feelings of envy that other people seem further along than you

  • frustration about how your day/month/year/life is going

  • confusion about an important decision

  • anything you'd rather not talk about with your [partner, friends, family, etc.]

At the end of the day, a counselor is an empathetic pair of ears who's consistently there to talk to you about you. It's 50 minutes a week where you aren't responsible for anyone other than yourself. It's a space and time where you get to process, reflect, or even just vent.

So the real answer to, "What do we talk about in therapy?" is, "Absolutely anything you want."


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