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Just because you can do it alone,

doesn't mean you have to. 


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My views on therapy

I believe that listening is an underrated skill.


Even when you're lucky enough to be surrounded by a great support system, it can be hard to find someone who can consistently provide space and time for you to share. 

Additionally, I think that we all know more than we give ourselves credit for. However, without someone to help you identify patterns, point out tendencies, or just provide a backboard to bounce ideas off of, it can be hard to take advantage of our own knowledge and experience. 


At its core, counseling is having someone hear you, promote insight, and care about how you're doing. And let's be honest, who couldn't use more of that in their life?​

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My approach

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My approach is collaborative, stemming from a belief that you are the expert on your own life and experience.


It is my goal to help clients gain insight into their own "whys, wheres, and whens" to promote greater self-awareness and reduce negative patterns of thought and behavior.

I'm comfortable working with a diverse range of clients and issues, but areas of specialty are career and transitions, emerging adulthood, adoption, anxiety, depression, romantic obstacles, and trauma.

Theoretically, I practice from an integrative model, where I combine CBT techniques, multi-cultural counseling, psychodynamic theory, and narrative therapy perspectives.

My training and background

I've spent the majority of my career in educational settings, helping individuals learn, grow, and reach their goals.

My workplaces have ranged from universities to international high schools to first-grade classrooms where I've worked as a career counselor, communications manager, and teacher.


Professionally, my experiences with students, emerging adults, and professionals have informed the way I work with my clients. I aim to tailor sessions to my client's needs, pulling from strategies to target pressing issues from stress to anxiety to depression to guilt. 

Personally, as a transracial, transnational Korean adoptee, I am used to seeing the world through an intersectional lens and seeking out the nuances of each person's story. 

As a firm believer in life-long learning and an avid bookworm, I'm consistently seeking opportunities to engage in additional training, learn more methods, and gain tools that I can pass on to you!

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TC Columbia university

Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Media

new york university

Masters Degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness


Bachelor of Science in Human Development, Minor in Education



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Cornell Cllege of Human Ecology Human De
My views on therapy
My Approach
My training and background

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