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Probably the biggest insight… is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and… it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy.  —Ed Diener

One-On-One Counseling Sessions

Writing Exam

Recent College Graduate

I worked so hard in college that I never asked myself whether it was what I really wanted. During my studies there was always another goal to accomplish, another checked box. Now it's over and I'm at a loss. What was I working toward?

Working on Laptop

Overworked Professional

I've been a high achiever all my life. For the last ten years, it's been all about my career. I've been so busy killing it that I haven't stopped to ask myself if this is still what I want. I woke up one day and realized that I don't even like my job.

Stressed Woman

Anxious Overachiever

I don't know when it happened but at some point, my self-worth became tied to my ability to be perfect. I did it for a while, but the goalpost kept on moving. When I can't, I overthink constantly. Who am I if I'm not this?

Sound like you? I can help. In my work with college students, recent grads, and new and established professionals, I've found that even in the most diverse stories, there are similar threads. Anxiety, trouble with relationships, imposter syndrome, burnout, fear of success—these things can affect anyone. By partnering with me to do the work, you can gain greater insight and tools to change your story.

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These are a few of my favorite themes...

You are welcome to bring any topic you would like to therapy.

The following are some common topics I've had clients discuss in sessions.

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Identity Exploration

"I woke up one day and realized I don't even really know what I want. Who am I anymore?"

Image by Natalia Sobolivska

Relationship Patterns

"I don't know why I keep on doing this. I try not to, but it just keeps on happening."

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Social Anxiety

"I can't stop second guessing myself. I'll re-read a text a thousand times before I send it. Then I'll instantly regret it."

Image by Nick Page

Life Transitions

"This is such a new place. It's good but I have no idea how to navigate it. None of my old tools are working anymore."

Image by Patrick Hendry

Unprocessed Trauma

"I only recently realized that something felt off. Like maybe I wasn't as okay as I thought."

Image by Kevin Pastor

Self Love

"I know logically that for anyone else I could be kind, but some how whenever I make the same mistake, I'm so angry at myself."

Image by Eilis Garvey

Family Dynamics

"I just feel like I can't ever make them happy. I need some space. But I feel so guilty."

Image by Wil Stewart

Career + Burnout

"I'm doing the work of three people and still feel like it's not enough. All I do is work. I have no energy for anything else."

Sitting on Rock

At the end of the day, there are a million reasons why you might seek out counseling

Whether you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or just anxious all the time, therapy can help. 

Through consistent, tailored one-on-one sessions, you can develop healthier habits, decrease your stress, and get to the bottom of what's going on with you. 


Consultation + Level-setting

After you contact me, we'll set up a free 15-minute consultation.

During this meeting we'll engage in mutual introductions, I'll ask questions to get to know you better and learn more about what is causing you to seek therapy at this time, and you'll have a chance to ask any questions.

All sessions are remote and take place virtually via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software.


Initial Sessions

Once we decide to move forward, the initial session will consist of a review of the informed consent and policies, and a thorough intake to learn more about your history and experiences.

This session may be longer since there's more to get through.

The first one to three sessions serve as 
a time for us both to get to know each other, for me to evaluate your needs, and for us to decide what makes the most sense for next steps.


Session Frequency + Length

Sessions will occur on a weekly basis to allow us to establish a foundation of trust and ensure consistency toward your treatment goals. Toward the end of our work together, we may switch to bi-weekly or monthly sessions before termination.
Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes and start on the hour.

What to Expect

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The decision to pursue therapy is

an investment in yourself, both in time and money. 

My clients commit to 45-minute weekly sessions.

Out of pocket, each session is $210. I am also in-network with Optum (UnitedHealthcare, Oxford, Oscar, etc.)

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You don't have to do it on your own.

Reach out for support today.

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